Denticon: Dental Practice Management Software 2024

Managing a dental practice comes with many administrative challenges – from scheduling appointments to billing insurance companies. Denticon aims to solve these problems by providing an all-in-one cloud-based dental practice management software.

Denticon combines solutions for key aspects of running a dental office, including patient management, practice administration, communication tools, and security features. This saves dental teams time by streamlining workflows and provides data-driven insights to improve operations.

In this Denticon software review, we’ll dive into the main features and benefits, pricing options, implementation support, pros and cons, and ideal user profile. Let’s get started!

Main Features and Benefits of Denticon

Denticon packs a wide range of capabilities to manage the end-to-end operations of a dental practice. Here are some of the major features and how they benefit your office:

Patient Management

Denticon makes it easy to manage patient scheduling, charting, and billing in one place:

  • Scheduling and appointment management– Schedule appointments, assign treatment rooms, and manage waitlists and recalls. Integrated calendars improve coordination.
  • Patient charting– Chart procedures, treatment plans, dental history, and clinical notes in a centralized, digital patient record.
  • Insurance and billing– Verify coverage eligibility, submit dental insurance claims, process payments, send invoices, and collect unpaid balances.

Practice Management

Optimize workflows and gain data-driven insights into your dental practice:

  • Reporting and analytics– Get visual reports on practice performance – production, collections, patient base, etc. Spot trends and opportunities.
  • Customizable workflows– Set up automated rules and triggers to match your processes for recalls, referrals, hygiene checks, etc.
  • Inventory management– Manage supply levels and orders. Integrates with major dental distributors.


Seamless communication improves patient engagement and office coordination:

  • Built-in phone system– Call and text patients without leaving the platform. Call logs are maintained in patient profiles.
  • Automated reminders– Send text, email, or phone call reminders for appointments and follow-ups. Customize reminders per patient.
  • Internal messaging– Secure in-app chat between staff and departments. Streamlines internal coordination.


Denticon invests heavily in platform security:

  • HIPAA compliant– Follows HIPAA guidelines to protect patient data privacy and security.
  • Data encryption– All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Regular audits ensure encryption levels are maintained.
  • Access controls– Granular controls on access and permissions. Control data visibility across roles.

Pricing of Denticon Dental Software

Denticon offers flexible subscription plans to accommodate practices of all sizes. Here’s an overview:

Subscription Plans

  • Starter– For solo practitioners. $169 per month.
  • Basic– For 2-3 providers. $259 per month.
  • Pro– For larger practices. $329 per month.

Discounts for annual subscriptions. The number of staff user accounts included depends on the plan.

Additional Costs

  • Setup and training– One-time setup fee of $499. Initial training and support included.
  • Customizations– Additional custom automation, integrations, or reports for a fee.

Implementation and Support

Denticon aims to make onboarding smooth and provide ongoing support:

  • Onboarding and training– Dedicated onboarding manager. Initial virtual training sessions for your team to learn the platform.
  • Ongoing support– Phone and email support from Denticon’s customer success team. Regular checks to address questions.
  • Software updates– Automatic updates to the latest software version at no added cost.

Pros and Cons


  • All-in-one platform– Everything needed to run a practice, minus clinical software. Eliminates the need for multiple systems.
  • User-friendly interface– Designed for dental teams with a minimal learning curve. Simple workflows.
  • Scales with practice– Plans suit solo practitioners in large clinics. Handles practice growth seamlessly.


  • Can be costly for small practices– the Starter plan is $169 per month. Other basic PM software may be cheaper.
  • Steep learning curve initially– Can take a few weeks for staff to fully adapt and leverage capabilities.

Denticon Login

Denticon is a decentralized identity platform that uses unique visual identifiers called Denticons instead of alphanumeric addresses like wallet addresses. To log into Denticon, users first need to create an account and generate their unique Denticon identifier. This is a colorful pixelated image that represents the user.

To log in, users simply click the “Log In” button on the Denticon website or app and are prompted to select their Denticon from a grid of other user Denticons. Once they locate and click their Denticon, they are logged into their Denticon account. This visual login allows for easy identification compared to remembering long wallet addresses. Denticon encrypts user data and keys to ensure security. The user’s Denticon acts like a private key, giving access to the account and allowing transactions or access upon login. Overall, the visual and decentralized nature of Denticon login provides a user-friendly and secure way to access blockchain services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the onboarding and setup process like?

Denticon provides dedicated onboarding support. It begins with a kickoff call and virtual training sessions for your team on using the software. They also assist with setting up workflows, preferences, and patient/staff data import.

Does Denticon integrate with clinical dental software?

Yes, Denticon integrates with most major dental software systems like Dentrix, Eaglesoft, and Open Dental. This allows patient clinical data to flow seamlessly.

How does Denticon handle backups and data security?

All data is encrypted and securely stored on geo-distributed cloud servers with redundancy. Regular backups are performed for disaster recovery. Denticon undergoes annual 3rd party security audits.

Can I customize workflows on Denticon?

Yes, you can set up custom rules and automation to match your unique office workflows using Denticon’s rules engine. This helps optimize processes.

What options are available for tele-dentistry on Denticon?

The basic plans have built-in phone and text capabilities. With the Pro plan.


Denticon consolidates the core technology needed to manage a dental practice into a single, user-friendly platform. For growing practices juggling multiple systems, Denticon can provide a centralized hub that improves efficiency and provides data-driven insights.

The main drawbacks are the initial learning curve and higher cost versus basic practice management solutions. Solo practitioners or clinics with simple needs may find Denticon overkill.

Overall though, Denticon merits strong consideration for practice owners seeking an all-in-one tech stack that can scale with their growth. The system can handle the end-to-end workflow needs of most dental teams once they get over the initial adoption hurdles.

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