Willamette Dental Opens New Location in Grants Pass, Oregon in 2024

The year 2024 brings an exciting new addition to the city of Grants Pass, Oregon – a brand new Willamette Dental office. This marks the continued expansion of Willamette Dental’s network of dental care centers across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. The new Grants Pass location will provide residents with convenient access to quality dental care right in their community.

An Overview of Willamette Dental

For those unfamiliar, Willamette Dental is a dental care company founded in 1970 in Oregon. They operate under the philosophy that everyone deserves quality, affordable dental coverage. The company sets itself apart by following a group practice model – its dental offices are fully staffed by doctors, specialists, and trained assistants employed by Willamette Dental. This allows them to deliver coordinated care efficiently.

Today, Willamette Dental provides dental coverage to over 700,000 members. They partner with major commercial carriers like LifeMap, Moda Health, Washington Dental Service, and Delta Dental. They also accept most major insurance plans at their offices. Willamette Dental currently operates 60+ dental offices staffed by 130+ dentists across 3 states. Their headquarters remains in Oregon.

Why is located in Grants Pass?

The city of Grants Pass is the county seat of Josephine County, making it a central hub for the surrounding region. Its population of about 37,000 also makes it one of the largest cities in southern Oregon.

Grants Pass serves as a commercial and healthcare center between the Rogue and Willamette valleys. It offers convenient access to Interstate 5 and Highway 199. The mild, four-season climate and abundance of outdoor recreational activities also make it an appealing place to live.

As the city continues to grow, the need for quality dental care options grows too. The new Willamette Dental office will help meet the oral care needs of both residents and people throughout Josephine County.

Services Offered at the New Location

The Grants Pass Willamette Dental office will provide the full range of general dentistry services. This includes cleanings, fillings, crowns, bridges, extractions, dentures, and dental implants. Specialty services like endodontics, oral surgery, and pediatric dentistry will be available on-site as well.

The office uses digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, and electronic dental records to aid in diagnosis and treatment. Sedation dentistry options will be offered for patients needing extra relaxation during procedures. The goal is to serve all dental care needs in a comfortable, modern setting.

For after-hours dental emergencies, patients can take advantage of Willamette Dental Group’s unique Dental Emergency Helpline. Staffed by dental professionals, the helpline offers advice 24/7.

Accessibility for Patients

Making dental care accessible is a priority for Willamette Dental. In addition to accepting most dental insurance plans, they offer membership plans to provide affordable coverage options. The Grants Pass office will accept new patients with Willamette Dental insurance plans as well as other private insurance.

Uninsured patients can apply for Willamette Dental’s Discount Dental Plan to receive savings on services. Financial assistance for qualifying low-income families will also be available.

The new office is conveniently located close to downtown Grants Pass off NE Spalding Avenue. Public transportation options allow patients to access the office via bus routes. The location provides plenty of on-site parking as well.

Willamette Dental’s commitment to providing affordable, easy-to-access care remains the same at every location. Residents can expect quality dental services tailored to their needs and budget.

What Patients Can Expect

From the moment you walk in, you’ll experience Willamette Dental’s warm, welcoming environment. Friendly staff get you checked in swiftly. The dental waiting area provides comfortable seating with magazines, TV, coffee, and water available.

When it’s time for your appointment, your dentist and dental assistant will greet you. They will review your treatment plan, answer any questions, and explain each step being performed. State-of-the-art equipment and technology allow for efficient, accurate dental care.

For brand-new patients, a comprehensive exam is performed first. This includes a clinical exam checking for signs of oral disease, a risk assessment looking at habits affecting oral health, and a discussion of any concerns the patient has. Any necessary dental X-rays are taken during the initial visit as well.

After the exam, the dentist reviews the findings and provides a personalized treatment plan. They take time to explain treatment options and expected costs. At Willamette Dental, your care comes from doctors employed directly by the dental group – there are no outside business interests influencing treatment plans. Patients can be confident treatment recommendations are made purely in their best interest.

Follow-up appointments will progress through the treatment plan step-by-step. The dental team works with the patient to complete needed procedures comfortably and conveniently. Excellent dental work paired with genuine, compassionate care is the Willamette Dental way.

Maintaining Your Oral Health

In between visits, be sure to follow recommendations from your Willamette Dental dentist and hygienist. This includes proper twice-daily brushing and daily flossing. Regular cleanings and exams every 6 months allow your dental team to catch any developing issues early. Avoid tobacco use and limit sugary or acidic drinks.

Make oral health a priority for your whole family by scheduling twice-yearly cleanings. Establishing dental homes for children early teaches them positive habits and makes visits easy. Report any oral pain, swelling, or other changes to your dentist promptly. Don’t ignore symptoms.

Attending to small problems early prevents them from becoming major, expensive issues later on. Stay on top of your oral health!

Why Patients Should Choose Willamette Dental Group?

Why Patients Should Choose Willamette Dental

Here are the key advantages patients can expect from choosing the Willamette Dental Grants Pass:

  • Convenience– Easy to access location with plenty of parking and public transit options. Open 5 days a week with early and late appointment times available.
  • Lower Costs– By directly employing dental providers, overhead costs stay low. Savings get passed on through affordable fees for uninsured patients.
  • Dental Insurance Accepted– Contracted with most major insurance carriers. Welcomes new patients with Willamette Dental and other private dental insurance plans.
  • Payment Assistance– Offers Willamette Dental Discount Dental Plan for uninsured patients plus financial assistance programs. Makes quality dental care achievable for all.
  • Coordinated Care– Electronic dental records shared across all Willamette Dental locations. Consistent treatment from the dental team who know your history.
  • Comprehensive Services– Full range of general dentistry, specialty, and emergency services. Multispecialty group practice provides all your oral care needs in one office.
  • Modern Amenities– Newly built, comfortable office environment. Peace of mind knowing they follow current dental technology and sterilization techniques.
  • Friendly Staff– Warm, welcoming dental team who get to know each patient personally. Care is provided in a judgment-free, compassionate manner.

When choosing a dentist, you want confidence in the quality, convenience, and cost. Willamette Dental checks all those boxes and more, providing an exceptional patient experience.

Grants Pass Community Impact

The addition of a Willamette Dental office brings a positive impact well beyond improved access to oral healthcare. As a responsible community partner, Willamette Dental engages locally by:

  • Employing local construction and trades companies to build out new dental offices.
  • Creating good local jobs – each new office employs about 60 team members, from dentists to assistants to office staff.
  • Partnering with local organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs via financial support and employee volunteering.
  • Working with local schools and colleges to offer educational programs in dental care careers. This introduces students to the field and also provides a pipeline for future employees.
  • Supporting community health foundations that increase access to care for uninsured and underserved populations.

Willamette Dental aims to improve lives not only through dental care but also by lifting the communities they serve. The positive local impact will be felt for years to come.

Ready for Your Grants Pass Dental Appointment?

Willamette Dental is set to open its highly anticipated Grants Pass location in 2024. The full-service dental office will provide quality general and specialty care to the region. Options for dental insurance, financial assistance, and budget-friendly payment plans ensure cost never prevents proper oral care.

Experience dental visits that are hassle-free and even relaxing! Willamette Dental’s compassionate care eases patient anxiety while its modern office environment and amenities maximize comfort. Locals will be glad to have trusted oral health experts right in their backyard.

Contact Willamette Dental’s Grants Pass team today to schedule a visit at their new location. Be among the first to benefit from dental care tailored to your unique needs and delivered with genuine warmth. The whole family will enjoy building lasting relationships with dental providers committed to lifelong oral wellness. Just one appointment will reveal why patients keep coming back to Willamette Dental!

Frequently Asked Questions About Willamette Dental Grants Pass

  1. When will the new Grants Pass dental office open?

The new Willamette Dental office is slated to open in Grants Pass in 2024.

  1. What dental insurance plans will be accepted?

The Grants Pass location will accept most major insurance plans including Willamette Dental insurance. They also offer membership plans for uninsured patients.

  1. How can I learn about job opportunities?

Check the Willamette Dental careers page for open positions at the new Grants Pass office. Job openings will be posted as the office gets closer to opening.

  1. Does Willamette Dental provide dental care for kids?

Yes, Willamette Dental offers family dentistry including specialized pediatric services at their offices.

  1. What COVID safety precautions are in place?

Willamette Dental offices follow enhanced disinfection procedures and provide a safe, clean care environment. They screen patients and require face masks to protect everyone’s well-being.

  1. How do I schedule a new patient appointment?

You can schedule appointments by phone or using Willamette Dental’s online booking tool once the Grants Pass location opens. Contact them to learn more.

  1. Are sedation dentistry options offered?

Yes, sedation dentistry options are available for patients needing extra relaxation during procedures.

  1. Can I get same-day emergency dental care if needed?

Their Dental Emergency Helpline can provide immediate assistance 24/7. When the office is open, they offer prompt treatment for urgent dental issues.

  1. How can I give feedback about my visit?

Willamette Dental welcomes your feedback! Share reviews on Google, Facebook, or their website. You can also speak to the office manager in person.

     10. How often should I get my teeth professionally cleaned?

Willamette Dental dentists recommend maintaining your oral health with professional cleanings every 6 months. More frequent visits may be advised based on your individual needs.


The upcoming opening of Willamette Dental’s office in Grants Pass, Oregon in 2024 is great news for residents. At this conveniently located dental center, families will have access to comprehensive general and specialty dental services. Modern amenities and friendly staff provide a uniquely warm, welcoming patient experience.

By accepting most insurance plans, offering financial assistance programs, and emphasizing budget-friendly payment options, Willamette Dental makes quality oral healthcare accessible to all. Their commitment to serving communities through local partnerships and support shines through as well.

Willamette Dental excels at delivering hassle-free dental care tailored to each patient in an environment that makes you feel at home. Look no further for a dental provider the whole family will love. Contact Willamette Dental Grants Pass today and discover how they make achieving and maintaining your best smile easy and enjoyable.

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