Aspen Dental Grants Pass Offers Affordable Dental Care 2024

Aspen Dental is dedicated to providing affordable, quality dental care to patients in Grants Pass and across the country. In 2024, they will continue this mission by offering grants and financial assistance programs to make dental treatment accessible to everyone. With advanced training of dentists and a focus on patient comfort, Aspen Dental Grants Pass strives to remove the fear of going to the dentist.

Affordable Payment Plans Through Aspen Dental

One of the biggest barriers to obtaining dental care is the cost of treatment. Aspen Dental tackles this issue through flexible payment plans and financing options to break down costs over time. Their Aspen Dental Credit Card allows payments over time with low monthly payments and no interest for 24 months.

For patients who qualify, Aspen Dental provides interest-free payment plans for up to 48 months through their lending partner, LendingClub Patient Solutions. The simple application process looks at the patient’s financial situation holistically to provide manageable payment options.

Aspen Dental Care Club for Ongoing Savings

Joining the Aspen Dental Care Club provides another way to make dental care affordable in 2024. With a low annual membership fee, members receive exclusive discounts on dental services all year long. The Care Club also includes Perks with product discounts and free bonus services like whitening kits.

Two cleanings and exams per year are covered under the Care Club with just a $25 co-pay per visit. X-rays are also included, ensuring members take advantage of preventive care to avoid costly procedures in the future. For an even lower monthly payment, the Aspen Dental Smile Plan provides these same benefits and more.

Grants and Scholarships Offered in Grants Pass

Another way Aspen Dental Grants Pass provides affordable care is through its grant and scholarship programs. These financial assistance options help patients who lack insurance or who have difficulty paying out-of-pocket.

The Healthy Mouth Movement is an initiative by Aspen Dental to provide free dental care to veterans in need. Applicants who served in the armed forces and lack adequate dental insurance can apply to receive treatment at their Grants Pass office and other participating locations.

Aspen’s Dental Fund also offers grants and scholarships of up to $15,000 per patient. Funds can cover emergency treatment, restorative care, extractions, dentures, and more. Patients in financial need who don’t have access to care can apply for a grant or scholarship.

Free Care and Reduced Costs for the Uninsured

For uninsured patients, Aspen Dental Grants Pass offers ways to obtain dental care at lower costs. Their Day of Giving events provide free care to community members at select offices. Services like exams, cleanings, fillings, and extractions are offered at no charge during these events.

They also provide individualized reduced-fee plans for uninsured patients based on household size and income—Aspen partners with dentists and specialists in the community to get uninsured individuals the affordable treatment they need.

What Sets Aspen Dental in Grants Pass Apart

Aspen Dental sets itself apart from other dental providers through advanced training and a welcoming office environment. All their dentists complete post-graduate training at their Aspen Dental Academy with thousands of hours of hands-on instruction. This education means their team can confidently perform even complex procedures.

They also prioritize patient comfort by conducting treatment in their office rather than referring out. Aspen offices are designed to minimize anxiety and help patients feel at ease. Examples include pillows, blankets, music, and other amenities to make it more like a spa than a dental office.

Full Range of Dental Services Offered

Aspen Dental Grants Pass provides a complete range of dental services using advanced techniques and technology. Some of the procedures offered include:

  • Routine cleanings and preventive dentistry
  • Fillings and restorations for cavities
  • Crowns, bridges, dentures, and implants
  • Root canals, extractions, and oral surgery
  • Treatment for gum disease
  • Clear orthodontic aligners
  • Teeth whitening
  • Digital X-rays, CT scans, and imaging

They also have pediatric specialists on staff to provide specialized oral care for kids and teens.

Same-Day Services and Extended Hours

Aspen Dental makes getting treatment convenient with same-day appointments and extended office hours. Patients can often be diagnosed and treated in a single visit, avoiding multiple appointments.

The Grants Pass location is open three evenings per week and on Saturdays for appointments before and after traditional work hours. Emergency exams are also available during evenings and weekends for dental issues that can’t wait.

Comfortable Modern Office Environment

The office provides a relaxing environment using modern design elements to help patients feel calm. Reception rooms feature natural lighting, soft music, coffee bars, and comfortable seating. Each room also has TVs available if patients want to watch something during treatment.

Intraoral cameras give patients an up-close view of their teeth during exams. This visual information aids in understanding treatment recommendations and providing informed consent.

Gentle Patient-Centered Care

Aspen Dental teams are trained to provide thoughtful, empathetic care to each patient. They understand dental anxiety is common and work to ensure patients are comfortable throughout treatment.

Options like warm blanket wraps, pillows, headphones, and essential oil aromatherapy help patients relax. Hand and shoulder massages are also available.

Each step of the process is explained in detail so patients feel informed about what to expect. Follow-up calls allow patients to ask any additional questions after treatment.

Interest-Free Financing Makes Orthodontics Affordable

In addition to general dentistry, Aspen Dental offers clear orthodontic aligners to discreetly straighten teeth. This treatment is more affordable than traditional braces through interest-free financing.

The total cost for orthodontic treatment is broken up over 24 monthly payments. By not charging interest, the monthly amount stays lower and more manageable.

Aspen Dental handles all insurance paperwork and processes payments, making these teeth straightening treatments easy and accessible.

Ongoing Dental Education for the Community

Aspen Dental provides free educational resources on its website to promote oral health. Their blog features articles written by dentists on topics like the link between dental and overall health, overcoming fear of the dentist, warning signs of dental issues, proper brushing and flossing, and more.

Free dental screenings and consultations educate people about their unique oral health needs during community events. Aspen teams enjoy participating in health fairs, senior center visits, veterans events, school programs, and other outreach.

Why Choose Aspen Dental Grants Pass?

There are lots of reasons to choose the Aspen Dental Grants Pass for your dental care needs:

  • Open evenings and weekends for convenience
  • Gentle dentists and a welcoming environment
  • Advanced training of dentists performing procedures
  • Digital imaging, CT scans, and other technologies
  • Comfortable amenities during treatment
  • Interest-free payment plans and financing
  • Grants and scholarships for financial assistance
  • Free dental care events for the uninsured
  • Educational resources for the community

Aspen Dental gives Grants Pass residents access to quality, affordable oral healthcare.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aspen Dental Grants Pass

  1. Does Aspen Dental accept insurance?

Yes, Aspen Dental accepts most major insurance plans including Delta Dental, MetLife, United Healthcare, and more. They will check your coverage and clearly explain the costs before starting treatment.

  1. What procedures do Aspen Dental dentists perform?

Aspen dentists perform a full range of general and specialty dental treatments. This includes cleanings, fillings, crowns, extractions, dentures, gum disease treatment, orthodontics, implants, oral surgery, and more.

  1. How do I know if I qualify for grants or scholarships?

You may qualify for Aspen Dental financial assistance programs if you lack dental insurance or have difficulty paying out-of-pocket. Veterans who served in the armed forces can receive free care through the Healthy Mouth Movement.

  1. Does Aspen Dental offer payment plans?

Yes, Aspen Dental offers flexible no-interest payment plans for up to 48 months. They also have an Aspen Dental Credit Card and Care Club membership to make costs more affordable.

  1. Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are recommended to ensure you get the time and attention needed. However, walk-ins are also welcome for emergencies or if your schedule is less flexible.


Aspen Dental in Grants Pass provides full-service dental care to residents of Southern Oregon using advanced techniques, technologies, and highly trained dentists. Their variety of financial assistance programs, reduced costs for the uninsured, payment plans, and financing options make quality dental treatment accessible and affordable.

With their commitment to patient education and gentle, thoughtful care in a modern relaxing environment, Aspen Dental takes the fear and cost barriers out of oral healthcare.

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